What to Expect from South Philadelphia Real Estate

What to Expect from South Philadelphia Real Estate

  • Frank Altamuro
  • 12/31/21

South Philadelphia has a lot to offer and has evolved quite a bit in the last 10 years. Incoming folks and new builds mean an influx of money and luxury to this traditionally historic area. If you love the idea of living in South Philly, keep reading – these are just some of the things you can expect from this gorgeous, vibrant area.

An eclectic area

Did you know that South Philly real estate is one of the most culturally diverse areas in all of Philadelphia? That’s saying a lot coming from Pennsylvania’s largest city, with a total population of over 1.5 million. South Philadelphia homes for sale tend to be within either Irish or Italian communities, with easy access to some of the best food Philadelphia has to offer. This includes exceptional Italian and Mexican restaurants, and some of the best Vietnamese pho the city has to offer.

If you’re a foodie wanting close access to amazing eats, or you just want to live within a hotpot of thriving culture, South Philly real estate could be perfect for you.

Changing, growing neighborhoods

In years past, South Philly real estate was best known as a working-class area. Over the past 10-15 years, though, that has changed a lot. It started with artists moving into the neighborhoods, and now much of the area is full of young professionals and families who wanted a more authentic Philadelphia experience. This makes South Philadelphia homes for sale particularly unique, as residents still get that mix of old, classic Philly with an influx of young blood.

Variety of home styles

With the mix of new and old residents comes a variety of housing styles as well. South Philly real estate is a unique, interesting mix of older, more traditional homes, row houses, and newer, modern condos and builds. This means that South Philadelphia homes for sale really have something for everyone, from younger professionals just starting out to established families looking to make a home in a historic older house.

Most neighborhoods are walkable

Philadelphia isn’t like New York or even downtown DC where a car is optional – the vast majority of residents have and use a car. That said, South Philadelphia homes for sale are some of the most walkable in the city.

This is in part due to the history of the area. As mentioned, the neighborhood used to be classified as very much working class, so for many families, having everything within easy reach was important. Now, residents can enjoy walking to the local corner store, the world-famous Italian market, or some amazing dining.

Transportation around South Philadelphia is similar to other parts of the city. While the bus system is plentiful, the subway system can be picked up at Broad Street and runs north.

Some of the best food in Philly

South Philly real estate enjoys easy access to some of the best food in all of the city. Not only does the Italian Market—America’s oldest and continuously operating outdoor market—reside in the area, but it is also home to one of the Top 10 Foodie Streets in the US as named by Food and Wine Magazine.

The street is East Passyunk Avenue, and it has been a huge center for food and culture in South Philly over recent years. Highlights include Marra’s pizza, a Philly staple, and Fond, which offers a new take on classic Americana staples.

Neighbors really care

An important note about South Philadelphia homes for sale is that you’re not just getting a home, you’re getting a neighborhood. This is fairly unique in today’s world, where many of us are so busy going from place to place that we miss out on this community feel.

For example, in Bella Vista, a South Philly real estate area, residents have had a Neighborhood Association that started in 1992. This is not your local neighborhood watch, either – the group states that their mission is to improve the quality of life for the area, encourage civic involvement, support the distribution of government services, and more.

People truly care within these areas, and they want to create a community that is impactful and meaningful.

South Philly is a great investment

With continued growth and new residents moving to the area near-daily, South Philly real estate continues to be one of the best investments in the city. Philadelphia was a little slower to rebound after the pandemic than some other cities, as it was hit very hard, but there has been some serious growth in the past several months. Jobs are up, unemployment is down, and tech companies are on the rise.

These are a few of the many reasons South Philly is seeing such an influx of new condos and builds, and that isn’t projected to slow down in the coming years. If you want an investment in a neighborhood that is thriving, South Philadelphia homes for sale may be perfect for your and your family.

Ready to buy in Philadelphia?

Are you thinking that South Philadelphia homes for sale might be for you and your family? Be sure to reach out to Frank Altamuro today. Frank started his real estate journey in 1999, and has been an active member of the Philadelphia community since long before then. For the last five years, Frank has received America’s Best Award for being in the top .05% of agents in the entire country and has handled millions of dollars in real estate transactions.

Whether you are interested in South Philly real estate for investment reasons, looking to make a home for yourself, or something else entirely, Frank and his team can find you what you’re looking for.

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